Thursday, May 3, 2012

Below is an excerpt from my first graphic novel entitled "Darkness and Divinity"

"Welcome, Oh life! I go to encounter for the millionth time the reality of experience and to forge in the smithy of my soul the uncreated conscience of my race."
------------------James Joyce

"At first, there was only Divinity and Darkness. They were around for quite a long time. Actually, they were around before time existed.
Eventually, Divinity said to Darkness, “I want to make a story, and I would appreciate your help.”
Darkness said, “Ok.”
They began the story by creating many worlds and many sorts of beings. There were purple worlds, golden worlds, cold and hot worlds…the list goes on. As for the beings, there was an infinite assortment of those as well. Angels and aliens, (the same thing really) mermaids, muscle men, unicorns and starfish. Lots and lots of living, breathing beings.
The interesting thing about these worlds and beings was that they were all connected together by a sort of golden cord. This cord was also connected to the source of all things, Divinity and Darkness.

Upon finishing the creation process, Darkness asked Divinity, “Now what?”
To which Divinity responded, “Motion” and slowly, all the worlds and all the beings began to move.
“This is very well and good, and in fact somewhat fascinating, but what may I ask is the purpose?” he now asked.
“To play of course.  Haven’t you ever heard of playing?”
Well no he had never heard of “playing.” She had only made up the concept right that minute, so really how could he have known?

At this point you may wonder, “What did they play?” and the answer is somewhat complicated and confusing. It seems the worlds and beings made up games with odd ideas and notions, and they would play various roles in their story making games.
They devised such notions as; good and evil, weak and strong, happy and sad, rich and poor…playful games of drama.
But ultimately they knew it was only a game. They were completely aware that they weren’t separate at all. They knew they were connected to each other by the golden cord which was also connected to their source; Divinity and Darkness..."

Susan Brown

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