Saturday, August 27, 2011

Tracy Porter

Back in 1994, the year I first decided to start a business with decorative painted furniture, etc. I went into the LA Mart and brought my portfolio where I showed pictures of some of the pieces I had painted. I stopped into the showroom for Corsican furniture where I met Lenore, who was the head of sales at the time. She really liked my stuff and so they started buying furniture from me on a weekly basis. Fast forward a bit, I stopped into a showroom for smaller gift items where I presented some of my little hand painted gift items. I believe the name of the showroom was Firestone. Anyhow, the guy asked me if I had heard of Tracy Porter. I had not. Well it seems she had just launched her line of hand painted ceramics and he told me how successful she was and at her first trade show she had sold $50k worth of product, etc. He then asked me if I was prepared to handle that kind of volume were he to get orders at that level. I was baffled and couldn't commit to that much work...sometimes I regret my decision especially when I see how successful Tracy Porter and company has been.
The last few years I have stopped by her blog and come to really enjoy Tracy as not only a creative talent, but a truly inspiring gifted human being. She's such a pleasant good natured soul...
So, one day while visiting her blog I was inspired by a photo she took of some chickens and I painted this...hope you enjoy :)

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